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Principles Of Landscape Design

Designing landscapes is one of the most important services Green Earth Services provides. Green Earth Services provide. In a way, it’s one of our most effective services because everything begins with the concept. When it comes to landscaping this is especially the case due to the way the design lay the foundation for the design. It’s also the primary factor in the results of nearly or all landscaping projects.

We believe that in order to achieve success with landscaping there are certain guidelines that must be adhered to. These are our primary landscaping design guidelines. We make sure to adhere to these principles when we work on our projects. So long as we adhere to these rules We’re sure that we’re doing an excellent job. Contact your Experts for your home improvement at landscaping Keller tx


The”law of substantial enclosure. This law stipulates that people feel surrounded when the vertical border of space is not less than one-third of the length of the horizontal area. It’s definitely applicable to gardens since it’s considered to be an enclosure.


Another key principle we should ensure to follow is planting from large to small. This means you’ll need to start with trees, progress to perennials, then shrubs, and finally, ground cover. This is ideal to use for both practical and aesthetic reasons.


A variety of plants, especially in a garden, is quite beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. However, there are advantages to planting just one collection of plants because it demonstrates a sense of harmony and cooperation that can be reassuring.


It’s impossible to beat well-planted plants in your landscape or garden. It’s possible to possess the best exotic and expensive plants, but when they’re not properly planted then they’re unlikely to appear attractive. And they’re unlikely to last for long as well. Make sure to plant them in a well-maintained way, no matter what they’re, and you’ll be guaranteed to have an attractive landscape for years to take.

These are the main landscaping design principles we employ. We incorporate them into our work to ensure a certain level of quality we aim for.

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